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Foundry Tooling

U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. began producing its first foundry tooling in 1941.  Located in Detroit, the Company quickly established itself among the area foundries as an innovative and quality driven company that produced top quality tooling for the foundry industry.

Today, U. S. Pattern is one of the oldest and most respected pattern shops in the state of Michigan and remains committed to providing its customers with world-class quality pattern equipment that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Throughout the Company’s history, it has maintained a constant focus on its primary product, foundry tooling. Foundry tooling is a vital link in the chain of concept, design and production of a finished casting for the consumer.

The tooling supplied by U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. includes equipment such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic core boxes that form the core that is used to create the internal shape of a casting such as an exhaust manifold. The external shape (the shape or surface that is visible to the consumer) is formed by the pattern.

The pattern may also be made out of iron, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. In addition, U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. also produces various fixtures and gauges used by foundries to better streamline their casting processes.

U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. works closely with its customers throughout the design, manufacturing and try-out of equipment.

It is the Company’s ongoing commitment to satisfy and exceed its customer’s requirements that set it apart from its competitors. The Company’s relatively small size and management structure enable it to rapidly adjust its schedules and manpower to accommodate a customer’s needs, regardless of the situation.